ERASMUS+ Credit Mobility Programme
Cooperation with partner universities outside the European Union

International credit mobility funds short term student and staff mobility between European and Partner Countries on the basis of inter-institutional agreements. 

Learning mobility of individuals for higher education students and staff mobility (International Credit Mobility)

ERASMUS+ Brochure (credit mobility)

Credit Mobility FAQs

Bilateral Agreement Form for cooperation with universities from partner countries (Credit Mobility)


Erasmus+ ICM is a new action in the European Erasmus cooperation and allows for student and staff exchange between countries outside the European Union and European universities with an Erasmus Charter.

University of Szeged has signed Erasmus agreements with 25 universities in partner countries. Students may spend one or two semesters at the partner university or at the University of Szeged as part of their degree studies at their home university. Within the frame of the staff exchange academic staff members can give lectures at the partner university or at the University of Szeged.


Registration Form

For Credit Mobility Students: .xlsx



The students and staff members that are selected by their home universities for Erasmus+ ICM exchange are entitled to the Erasmus scholarship (grant + travel grant).


Grant support for student and staff mobilities

(see the ERASMUS Programme Guide for 2015 -  version 3, ( pages 44-50)

• 750 EUR/month (30 days) for students from partner universities to Szeged

• 650 EUR/month (30 days) for students from Szeged to partner universities

• 140 EUR/day for teachers from partner universities to Szeged (if <14 days)

• 160 EUR/days for teachers from Szeged to partner universities (if <14 days)


Travel grants for each participants are defined according to the distance between partners:

• between 100—499 kilometers: 180 EUR/mobility

• between 500 és 1999 kilometers: 275 EUR/ mobility

• between 2000 és 2999 kilometers: 360 EUR/ mobility

• between 3000 és 3999 kilometers: 530 EUR/ mobility

• between 4000 és 7999 kilometers: 820 EUR/ mobility

• more than 8000 kilometers: 1100 EUR/ mobility



Learning Agreement

All students that participate in the Erasmus+ ICM need to use the Learning Agreement (LA), including third cycle (doctoral) students.


Third cycle/doctoral students

Third cycle students may take courses on master level or have individual research/training components.



Bilateral agrements between partner Universities and University of Szeged
signed for the academic year 2015/2016

Country Partner University Grant support
ALBANIA University of Elbasani "Aleksander Xhuvani" +
BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA University of Sarajevo +
EGYPT Alexandria University  
ISRAEL Beit Berl College +
ISRAEL The David Yellin Academic College of Education +
KAZAHSTAN Innovative University of Eurasia  
CHINA Soochow University  
KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I.Skryabin  
KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University  
REP. OF KOREA Hankuk University of Foreign Studies  
MONTENEGRO University of Montenegro  
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Ogarev Mordovia State University (OMSU) +
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Psychological and Pedagogical Institute, Moscow  
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Omskiy Gosudarstvennyy Agrarnyy Universitet, Omgau  
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Udmurt State University (UdSU) +
SERBIA University of Beograd +
SERBIA Megatrend University +
SERBIA University of Novi Sad +
TAJIKISTAN Academy of Agricultural Science of Tajikistan  
TAJIKISTAN Khujand State University  
TAIWAN Kaohsiung Medical University  
TUNISIA University of Manouba +
USA University of Toledo  
USA West Virginia University +
UZBEKISTAN Andijan Agricultural Institute (AAI)  
UZBEKISTAN Samarkand Agricultural Institute