Damien Sagrillo: Creative in measure, CriMe – a music method for improving students’ rhythmic skills

Kreativ im Takt, KiT (Creative in measure, CriMe) is a music educational concept which is based on predecessor models and which was developed at the beginning of the years 2000 in collaboration with the elementary schools of the City of Luxembourg.
It addresses non-specialized music teachers. The theoretical considerations include pedagogical and conceptual aspects in relation to the subject. Out of this theoretical framework and the practical knowledge concerning the predecessor models is developed a kind of interactive action plan that focuses on an extensive variety of creative artistry.
Musical creativity in the sense of composing, however, is a skill which not only requires a great talent, but also has to be learned, including the acquisition of the appropriate skills. This is also confirmed by the fact that composing can be studied as a subject. Consequently, creative talent and music education go hand in hand.
The further development of the KiT concept aims to combine receptive and creative processes in music lessons. Building on the guidelines of Kreativ in the rhythm of the Center Verdi, the teachers should first be familiarized with a method that is not based on knowledge of the music but on the acquisition of musical structures.